Sacredness Procured

This story tells the tale of
man alive. He sits and ponders
not for he knows his
wisdom is his revelry.
Upon his face does lay
the tale of all that is.
It is written there for
all to see. He believes
in nothing and in all. He
goes for walks to tell
the world of his joyous
ways. Along the way, he
encounters what in his
heart, devised, has come to
bear. He knows this and
sees his reflection in it
well aware that what he
longs for is already waiting
his reply. Yes. I accept
what is. I AM enamored
with it all is his
reply. Fearing nothing, he
walks to walk. He fills
his lungs and bathes in
rivers of pure embrace.
And when the day arrives for
him to give up his
legged storm, he does so
without revenge. All was well.
And he crosses over the
divide to find life accumulated
in his heart. Bleeding
not, he delivers the final
call of life. All is well
he exclaims as life
bends onto itself once
more. On the other side
he finds himself again
walking on his winged prayer
that dusted the smoke that
filled the air becoming
all that was and is
and will forever be.
Life entangled with itself.
Abandoned will. Sacredness