Branch Jennifer Ellison FDPIn the morning frost,
I awaken to see
a landscape unchanged.
But how can it be
that in knowing the
feeling it takes
to encompass a heart,
the morning recalls not
the nature of itself?

But, I know
that it is not for
me to decipher the
whisperings of the breeze
nor the cooing of the dove.
It is for me to
engage in life
willingly, freely and

Fear not, the nightingale
You too will know
the branch it takes
to see great heights.
But first you should know
that in the evening light,
the gale of winds,
the fruit of limbs,
bestow upon all equally.

image courtesy of jennifer ellison/

2 thoughts on “Tonight

  1. Keep looking until you see only me. Fall backwards without a care; I will catch you. Trust me with all of your heart for I am you. Walk knowing there is nothing to fear through eyes of Love. Want for nothing but to share you’re love for me; give what I have given you. * heart*

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