The Morning Bird

Dawn by Dan
I saw in the shadow
of my awakened day
a sparrow,
who sung a song of death;
a joyous song.
Do you presume the ramblings of your voice
would prefer life over death?
Yonder you will see
that as the sparrow turns
its head to face the wind,
so too will you to see
again the face of
that from whence you
came into being.
And you will prefer naught.
The night nor day,
the pearl nor oyster,
the depth of the seas,
nor the heights of the mountains.
For all are equal.
Neither good nor bad,
even in life as in death.
So you will know
what it means to be in his beloved’s breath
and in his divine moment,
which is one in all eternity.
So, when you go
along your way,
pleasure or pain,
see this the same,
and you will
learn to laugh at sorrow
and grieve in joy.

Guided Word ~ Poetry of Spirit
image courtesy of

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