A Love Song

Twilight Moon Criminalatt
Your will,
to be embraced
within the passages
of time,
yet you negate
infinity within.
Release the
notion that
to be the
one necessity,
you must be
loved as
others see.

The love
within is
all there
You yield to
your imprisoned
when you
release reality
within the
sands of

You are love.
No more to
Freedom’s song
lives in
you now.
As always
does the
eagle soar,
so too does
your visionary

Look no further
than yourself,
and then
love appears
amidst your
days, throughout
your nights,
between your
enemies and

Revel in what
in you grows
each time
you choose
to give it
and then no
longer will
you want
to be what
your conception

You are love
within the now.
You were love
within your then.
Love is what
your path
Love, your
destined end.

image courtesy freedigitalphotos.net/criminalatt

How did this poem speak to you?

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