Awaken self
to life’s delight.
Be well to
see the stars
and night
that shower
forth the
path to
enamored with
your destiny.

At night the
stars do show
the way to
be alive
within the
Bewildered not,
they rise at
proclaiming what
the skies

The canvas does
portray the truth.
The Artist and
the brush
does* muse
to be alive
before the
and realize the
path thus

* Poem is written exactly as channeled. My thought regarding the word does vs. do stems from the suggestion that the Artist and brush are one. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Birth

  1. I agree with the thought that the artist and brush are one as the brush is just the most forward extension of the artist’s soul – yet another appendage, a specialized one, to express the external truths that have been coming through the creative/earth based beings since the dawn of human kind. Beautiful poem. Loved it…

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