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Isabel Martin-Ventura HeadshotIsabel Martin-Ventura has been channeling the written word since 2009 when she began receiving information which would become Wisdom to Consider a compilation of messages received over the course of one year. From faith and forgiveness to fear, sex and change, Wisdom to Consider speaks to the human condition, its connection to the Divine and the ways in which the two may be forged to bring about a greater sense of fulfillment, peace and alignment with the true self.

Although not a poet, Isabel began channeling spiritually inspired poems in 2010. They are a call of the soul reminding us of our divinity and heralding us to live who we are – love in the now. There are over 500  poems to date.

Isabel is an Energy Healing Practitioner and certified Life/Life Purpose Coach. She has studied various complementary healing techniques in the U.S. and abroad and has been supporting individuals in their personal development and healing through workshops and individual sessions for over 15 years.

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